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Newbie Seduction:Parker Quinn,Silas Brooks

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Experienced stud, Silas Brooks shows newbie Parker Quinn the ropes in this scorching session! You can tell Brooks is raring to rage from the first kiss, as he grabs Parker’s pretty mug, and pulls him close. He tears at the twinks hoodie, revealing a sinewy smooth, chiseled, tan torso. Quinn is hungry for cock, and Brooks has plenty to share. The naghty newbie tastes Brook’s beautiful body as he kisses his way to that famously fat phallus. The boy buries his nose in Silas overstuffed crotch, and breaths his sexy scent in, before hooking a finger in the hottie’s waistband to release the big beast. New dude gets a couple sweet kisses on the shaft, before Brooks grabs his by the head, and shoves his shaft down the dude’s throat. Silas’ slab is huge, but our boy is ravenous. He eats cock like a crazed canibal; and, there’s not shortage of delicious dirty talk from Silas, as he encourages every step of the way. Then, the talkative top tells the twink he’s like to take a taste of him. Brooks manuvers the boy over to the bed, sheds his shorts, then dines like a king on Quinn’s smooth cock, and hot, Horney hole. The famished fuck star goes between pole, and hole before tossing Parker’s legs in the air, and plugging his pretty pucker with his piece. Brooks grabs the boy’s boner, stroking it in time to his hard hitting thrusts. He smacks the slut’s sweet seat, and says, “flip over.” Then, he bangs the breaks off the boy! Broooks hammers hard, and Parker takes it like a CHAMP! Wanting to watch the cutie cum, our hard hitting top has his twink turn back over. Quinn cranks his cock, as Brooks beats that bussy up. The tasty tension builds to a cream soaked conclusion that has Quinn covered in buckets of bust. He splatters his tight torso with copious amounts of cum, before Brooks busts all over his super smooth behind. Once he’s painted pretty boy’s posterior, Silas smashes his slab back up the dude’s freshly dicked dugout, then kisses him once more.




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21 February 2024

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