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RUNNING INTO ROMAN: Archi Gold, Roman Capellini

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If you’ve ever run into an old friend and immediately fallen back into your horny ways with each other you’re going to appreciate this pairing with BoyFun hotties Roman Capellini and Archi Gold. Both boys are passing through the train station when they catch each other’s eye and with just a very quick reintroduction the horny duo are seeking a private pace to rekindle their cock lust. There little denying it’s purely about the physical with these sexy young guys. It might seem a little romantic at first but once those hard dicks are freed and the boys have had a taste of each other they know what they really need. Roman is in charge here, and Archi wouldn’t have it any other way. With dicks stiff and drooling, and Archi’s tight little ass crying out for that rigid length to slide in deep the boys get to work. Watch Archi enjoy a good fucking from behind and a fast and frantic ride on his pal’s length before a spooning takes the hot duo right to the edge of unloading. Archi pumps his cock and splashes his splooge with his buddy’s big dong inside him, but the tasty mess of cock cream the boy takes in his mouth is surely gonna be the thing that keeps these two in touch with each other for more. You never want to part ways with a friend who can fuck like this.



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