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THE PIZZA PIRATE : Archi Gold, Ollie Barn

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It’s a story as old as time, or at least for as long as Pizza has been a thing. BoyFun twink Ollie Barn is delivering around town and he ends up in a familiar predicament with slim young Archi Gold.

The boy wants the pizza, but it seems he’s misplaced his wallet. There’s only one thing the boy can do, and that’s offer payment in a different form.

The words “Bottom Bitch” across Archi’s t-shirt should have been an open invitation to sexy young Ollie the moment he arrived, but this transaction seems to be the excuse he needed to get his big bulging uncut cock out for Archi to suck on.

For most Pizza delivery boys that tasty boner slurping might be enough to satisfy and pay the bill, but once young Archi is on that cock it seems Ollie is eager to return the favor and get some tasty sausage of his own.

With the smooth boys swapping their delicious dicks in the houseboat and young Archi getting his  hairless pucker licked thoroughly by his delivery boy the two are soon taking it all the way.

Ollie eases into that fleshy ass and fucks his customer from behind, pumping Archi good and deep and giving him the meaty topping he ordered.

Taking it to the couch the eager twink is soon riding on Ollie’s big bareback dong, his own swinging and bouncing around with delight.

By the time Ollie has made the boy spurt his cream over his abs and pumped his load into Archi’s face the bill has been more than paid, and you know Archi will be leaving a 5 star review on this delivery boy’s customer service.



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