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Bart Cuban & Ayden Mallory Part 1

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The beautiful city of Budapest serves as the backdrop for today’s encounter. Ayden Mallory seems a little lost in the city until he meets local beauty Bart Cuban. As Bart has proved so many times, language doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting what you want. After a short stroll around the city, the two boys end up kissing in Bart’s apartment. The electrifying energy between the two needs no translation and after undressing, they suck each other’s hard cocks. The action continues as Ayden rims his new friend before Bart offers up his hole for penetration. Both Ayden and Bart are generous lovers and they enjoy some hardcore fucking in multiple positions before Ayden cums over Bart’s hole and Bart cums on Ayden’s face. They head to the shower to clean up before part 2.



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2 November 2023

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