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Falcon’s Endless Summer : Trevor Brooks, Oliver Marks

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College students Trevor Brooks and Oliver Marks — along with a whole crew of shirtless, sudsy studs — have come together to host a car wash and raise money to save the Falcon Surf Shop. Just because they’re hard at work, though, doesn’t mean they can’t discreetly break off to bust a quick nut. While everyone’s preoccupied with their wet hoses, Trevor and Oliver sneak behind a nearby building for some friendly introductions before Oliver drops on his knees, pulls down Trevor’s board shorts and sucks him off. With the young twink now bent over a pile of wooden pallets, Trevor rims his ass and begins pumping him full of his bareback cock. The San Diego sun continues to beat down on them all while Oliver beats himself off to the sensation of Trevor’s big dick sliding in and out of his hot hole. Trevor then looks down in delight as Oliver busts all over himself right before pulling out to add to the load of cum now covering the satisfied student.




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Manuel Rivero

10 August 2023

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