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DIRTY DANCERS : Justin Host, Nico Vegas

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Nico Vegas arrives in town and discovers he’s sharing a room with smooth young Justin Host. That’s certainly not a disappointment for either of these young men. It seems almost inevitable that the hot young dancers are eager to enjoy some BoyFun and with a welcoming smooch and Nico’s long cock revealed there’s barely any time to practice.

With their snug tights revealing their tempting packages the boys hardly get any basic stretching done before their attention is on their horny needs.

It wasn’t worth young Nico sliding his tights on because as the two move to the larger bed his big uncut dong is soon freed once more for greedy Justin to suck and lick.

Their kinky interest in the stretchy material offers a perfect opportunity for Justin to give his new friend a foot wank, the silky smooth covering over his feet treating Nico to a super sexy sensation.

He can’t resist a taste of his younger buddy, sucking on Justin’s wet penis before turning his attention to the boy’s twitching pucker. A little lapping of his skilled tongue and the twink is ready to take every inch of the tall dancer’s impressive shaft.

Some desperate pumps of his hairless hole leads to a ride on Nico’s length and a harder pounding from behind. It’s clear the journey to town has the hung young athlete desperate for release.

Lucky for him little Justin is thirsty and with the opportunity to take a messy cum gushing climax in his cute face the boy is soon lapping up the warm juices.

That’s enough to have Justin rubbing out his own sperm for handsome Nico to suck from his bulging helmet.



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