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Theo Leclerc First Time 

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For his very first time in front of the cameras, Théo Leclerc is in the company of the charming Zack Maurin, who started at FT a few months before him. The complicity is immediate between the two boys and it’s a real romance that unfolds before our eyes.

After passionate and very cuddly foreplay, the two boys move on to a torrid 69 alternating blowjob, rimming and fingering. Zack’s tight ass begins to expand from the licks.

Theo can’t wait to taste Zack’s little ass and after being sucked off for a few more moments in deep throat his dick is hard as wood. Ready to move on to the main course, Theo penetrates the narrow orifice of Zack who begins to moan.

From there the back-and-forth will not stop with variations of powers and rhythms which seem to particularly delight Zack. The two twinks keep kissing and both hold back from cumming before the end. It’s then Theo who sends a nice squirt on Zack’s face before getting his face sprayed in turn.



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Jeremiah Johnson

14 July 2023

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