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Karl Stevens and Joaquin Santana

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Joaquin Santana is enjoying his book when Karl Stevens comes in and joins him on the bed. Karl lies on top of Joaquin and starts kissing the back of his neck. Things heat up quickly. Joaquin rolls over and the two keep kissing as they strip down to their underwear. Joaquin helps Karl out of his underwear exposing Karl’s thick, uncut cock. Joaquin swallows the entire thing and proceeds to give Karl a blowjob and his dick is rock-hard in no time flat. Karl has Joaquin lie back on the bed and at the same time Joaquin loses his underwear. Karl grabs ahold of Joaquin’s cock and strokes it to full mast. He then helps to hyper stimulate Joaquin as he works it by going between blowing his cock and jacking it. Joaquin rolls over and spreads his legs. His hole tempts Karl and Karl willingly fills it with his cock. Karl passionately slides his cock in and out, pausing to kiss periodically but the intensity increases as he thrusts it deeper with each stroke. Joaquin pushes Karl back on the bed and mounts his long, thick cock from the top. He starts bouncing up and down, driving Karl’s cock as deep inside himself as he can get it. Karl begins pounding hard and furious from beneath and the moans coming from Joaquin’s mouth certainly indicate he’s all into the ass-pounding he’s receiving. Joaquin winds up on his back again. He’s got his legs pulled back, Karl is pounding away at his ass and Joaquin is jacking his cock like there is no tomorrow. Karl hits that “spot” deep inside Joaquin and Joaquin blows his load onto his tummy as Karl continues plowing his hole. When Joaquin is finished, Karl pulls out and coats Joaquin’s cock and abs in even more creamy white jizz.



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