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HARDCORE GAMERS : Alpan Stone, Max Gen, Rimi Morty

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Alpan and Rimi are dedicated gamers, and we all know how hard it is to tear a boy away from his console for anything more than a visit to the bathroom. Max seems to know how to get their attention, however. Can a gamer ignore the offer of some stiff-dicked BoyFun?

As soon as he arrives he’s trying to distract them, and they both put up some stiff resistance, until his hands and mouth head south.

With Alpan’s big juicy cock freed from his shorts and being slurped with skill he’s finally forced to hit pause on his game, and Rimi is quickly following suit.

Their games are soon far hotter than they would be otherwise as they strip naked, feeding their friend their drooling dicks, rubbing their tips together in Max’s mouth, teaming up to fill their friend from both ends.

Their competitive nature has soon dissipated when they have the chance to share the prize between them, sliding their naked joysticks into Max’s mouth and ass, taking turns to thrust their delicious inches in and out of him.

It soon becomes apparent that he’s isn’t the main player in this game. Alpan can’t resist the chance to try some new moves of his own, slipping his tight hole down on Rimi’s rampant rod and enjoying a great ride.

In turn, Rimi is soon ready to play his role and lay back for Max to ram his big dong deep while Alpan dunks his balls in his mouth.

There’s no boss fight for these boys to overcome, but the fuck tower threesome the boys share is a suitable finale for their horny adventure.

Alpan takes the pole position, riding the cock of lucky Rimi, his ass impaled on Max’s length.

They might not be keeping score, but we can safely say Alpan becomes the most valuable player. With his cock spewing a hot fountain of semen he’s ready to be doused in his friend’s loads, their shafts erupting floods of juice all over his cute face and right in his welcoming mouth.

This is the kind of game all horny boys should try at least once.



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Troy & Ramil

7 June 2023

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