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TOYS AND TWINKS / Alex Blade, Tony Keit

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As we all know, boys absolutely love their toys, and BoyFun boys love sharing them with each other. Twinky little blond Alex Blade has a good collection of toys to enjoy when he’s home alone, but he’s certainly not shy about it and when Tony Keit appears in the doorway the boy is soon enticed to play.

He’s quickly on hand to fuck his pal’s pucker with the dildo, sliding the veiny shape in and out of his snug pucker.

Naturally, even with plenty of toys to enjoy, there’s no replacement for the real thing. With his friend clearly more than willing to share his own cock Alex is quickly wrapping his lips around the revealed length of Tony’s stiff young dick and giving it some loving slurps.

With a toy in his hole and a cock in his mouth Alex is in heaven, but he’s having an even better time when Tony offers his primed penis for some deep bareback thrusting.

The blond bottom is soon enjoying the warm hardness of his pal’s prick between his smooth cheeks, fucked from behind before a pause for some thumbing and licking leads to him bouncing in his buddy’s lap.

A super hot near-pile-driver position takes Alex to the edge and with the boy on his back he can’t hold his cum inside any longer. With his prick being rubbed and his hole being plundered the boy splashes his splooge out over his stomach in a lovely release that could only have Tony ready to share his own seed.

The facial finish is a lovely end to their unexpected toy play session.



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5 June 2023

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