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ROBBED AND RIDEN : Andy Reyes, Junior Jones

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Fit young twink boy Andy Reyes is coming to the rescue of poor little Junior Jones after he gets mugged of his phone in the street. You or I might consider calling the cops or perhaps chasing down the perpetrator of his daylight robbery, but it seems Junior is just eager to follow his new friend home for some BoyFun.

It might seem like an elaborate scenario but the heightened emotion seems to draw the boys together and soon enough young Junior is making out with his new friend and enjoying the consolation of a delicious cock to suck.

The cops are probably hours away, if they ever bother to respond to such a call, so it seems reasonable for these smooth young guys to get to know each other their uncut penises leaking precum in their mouths.

Junior has no doubt forgotten about his phone entirely by the time tanned twink Andy is licking at his hairless little pucker, but he’s certainly moved on from the loss when his new friend’s naked cock nudges up into his wet hole and pushes inside.

Little Junior enjoys a good spooning before taking some sexy thrusts from behind and flipping over for a good ramming, his engorged pink cock desperate for release while he rubs and strokes.

The double pleasure of his new buddy’s dick inside him and his eager jacking gets him so close, but it’s the promise of a cum shower from Andy’s big meat that finally has him splashing his sperm all over his abs.

The sight of it is soon encouraging Andy to launch his own incredible cum shower from his big dong, spewing his warm and creamy mess all over the boy in a final eruption that has us all joining in.

We can safely assume Junior got his new friend’s number, now all he needs is a new phone.



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