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Jacob Bucella joins Ander Marin who is currently reading on the bed. Jacob is not interested in the book; he has hotter things on his mind. He starts rubbing Ander’s crotch and when Ander does not show interest, Jacob takes the book out of his hands and throws it on the floor. Jacob climbs on top of Ander and lays a deep sloppy kiss on him as the two begin to roll around the bed. They kneel on the bed, pausing for some long, passionate kissing as they slowly strip down to their Andrew Christians. Jacob leans back and starts rubbing the huge bulge in his underwear. Ander can’t resist and frees Jacob’s thick uncut Latin dick from its confines and immediately swallows its entire length down his throat. Jacob spreads his legs and as Ander pleasures Jacob’s cock his hand starts teasing Jacob’s tight hole. Jacob pushes Ander over on the bed and pulls down his underwear. He attacks Ander’s cock like a starving puppy, slurping and sucking as he tastes every inch. Ander throws his head back enjoying the feeling of Jacob’s tongue polishing his knob. Ander strips out of his underwear as Jacob kneels in front of him, offering up his ass. Ander buries his face and pushes his tongue deep into Jacob’s hole. Priming complete, Ander points his rock-hard cock at Jacobs’s ass and slowly pushes it deep inside. Jacob moans deep as Ander works his cock in and out, slow at first but soon building speed. Jacob pushes back into Ander, wanting his cock as deep inside as it will go. Ander lays back on the bed and Jacob mounts him. He sits straight down on Ander’s fully erect cock as his own thick dick waves back and forth like a metronome. In the end Jacob is on his back with his legs in the air and Ander continues pounding Jacob’s willing hole. Jacob can’t hold back anymore. He grabs his cock and he’s quite stimulated because in a matter of seconds he loses it, blowing his creamy load all over his tight ripped abs. Ander is completely turned on and as he pulls out, he adds to the jizz coating Jacob’s tummy creating quite the gooey mess. Completely satisfied, Ander leans forward and the two kiss for one last time.



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Ramil with Kalvin

26 May 2023

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