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Yordan Sanz and Ariel Bastidas

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Yordan Sanz unzips his pants and starts showing off for the new helper, Ariel Bastidas, who’s working just outside the windows. Yordan pulls his shirt over his head exposing his lean, ripped torso. His thick, uncut cock looks heavy in his hands. Yordan starts playing with his cock and it plumps very quickly. Ariel is intrigued and comes inside for a closer inspection. He drops to the floor and begins servicing Yordan’s cock. Yordan holds Ariel’s head steady as he face-fucks Ariel’s willing mouth. Yordan strips down to his socks, leans back against the table and Ariel resumes sucking Yordan’s dick. He can’t seem to get the whole thing in without gagging but, he keeps going back for more. Now, settled back in the chair, Yordan is again on the pleasure-receiving end of Ariel’s mouth and tongue. Ariel’s mouth work has Yordan moaning and gyrating in the chair. Ariel senses that Yordan is close to losing it and continues the stimulation by jacking Yordan’s cock with his hand. Within seconds Yordan can’t hold back anymore. He goes rigid and his cock squirts load after creamy load onto Ariel’s tongue. Ariel didn’t waste any, swallowing every single drop and continuing to suck every last bit of cum from Yordan’s satisfied cock.



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