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HOOKUP IN PRAGUE : Justin Host, Timmy Cole

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Cutie Justin Host is streaming for his viewers while wandering around the old town, looking for adventure and something to share. He’s a little enamored with all the pretty Prague boys he’s been seeing and we can understand why. Meanwhile young Timmy Cole is enjoying his own streaming moment in the shower and announces that the two are about to meet for some BoyFun.

Surely their viewers are upset that they don’t get to watch the two meeting in the bedroom, but we’re more than happy to be invited to the show.

Justin was looking for adventure with a local boy and he’s certainly found it with Timmy. In moments the boys are swapping strokes and sucks on the bed and Justin is enjoying a taste of his new friend’s tight little hole.

The two twinky smooth boys are perfectly suited. Bottom Timmy offers up his hairless pucker for his new pal to dive right in, enjoying the raw cock sliding inside his chute. A ride on his friend’s length has him bouncing, his own hard cock bobbing around with delight.

With cute Timmy on his back and his knees up beside him he endures an even deeper and more determined fuck, but it sure does the trick and has his cock spurting a big mess of hot twink cum all over his body, splashing right over his shoulder.

Justin is happy to have helped him make that mess, he’s soon adding to it with his own gushing climax and erupting cream all over young Timmy.

Their fans are gonna be so pissed that none of this was streamed.



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