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Roman Todd bottoms for the first time at CockyBoys — for Sean Xavier

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 Roman Todd bottoms for the first time at CockyBoys — for Sean Xavier! Roman is okay taking a big dick because it’s Sean, who tempers his control with passion as a self-proclaimed “soft top”. That sensual passion is there from the start as they kiss and Sean worships Roman’s muscular bod and lovingly sucks his cock. In this Sean subtly takes control.

 At the window Roman willingly bends over to get a sample of Sean’s big dick deep fucking. Sean gives him a break with super-sensuous cock sucking and lets Roman reciprocate, alternating between training him how to suck his big dick and taking it deeper and harder in his hole. Finally, Sean plows Roman on his back—with a kinky twist..

As Sean fucks Roman, he also eats and fingers him —and momentarily stretches him out with his whole hand! At last, Sean takes full control drilling Roman while stroking him until he makes him shoot his load, then milks him AND slurps up his cum. One more taste of Roman’s hole brings Sean to an intense orgasm and total satisfaction. Has Sean flipped Roman for good? One thing IS sure. Roman will never forget Sean’s cock.

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Bailey Stuart

18 March 2023

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