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Maximo Vergara and Aramis Bello

Our two South American Latino studs, Maximo Vergara and Aramis Bello, just got home from work and they are horned up and ready to have some fun. After a couple of minutes of groping and kissing, Aramis kneels down and unzips Maximo’s jeans, releasing the huge uncut anaconda that was straining to be free. Aramis grabs hold of the already hard sausage and starts giving his lover an expert blowjob. Maximo lifts up his shirt, revealing a perfectly sculpted torso with muscular pecs and an amazing six-pack. Maximo face-fucks Aramis for a few minutes, then they move to the bed with Aramis bent over on all fours with his ass in the air. Maximo gets Aramis’ asshole lubed up with some spit, while shoving a couple of fingers inside his tight hole to get him loosened up a bit. After a little finger-fucking, Maximo is ready for some real fucking. He slathers a little KY jelly on his rock-hard cock to ensure a smooth ride, then shoves his meat into Aramis’ waiting tunnel. They fuck like this for a while, then Maximo takes a little break by laying back on the bed, and having Aramis resume the blowjob that started it all. Recharged and ready for more fucking, Maximo has Aramis get up, turn around to straddle him, and sit down on his steel pole. Aramis moans with pleasure as Maximo power-fucks him from below. After several minutes of this, Aramis steps off the bed and both guys jerk their own meat for a few minutes. Maximo then positions Aramis on the bed, laying him back with his legs in the air, as Maximo resumes the pounding. Maximo fucks the daylights out of Aramis for several minutes, and then he can’t hold back any longer. He pulls out and squirts several loads all over Aramis’ balls and cock, with one shot hitting Aramis’ face. Still hard, Maximo sticks his cum-covered dick back into Aramis’ raw hole, as Aramis furiously jacks his own cock. Aramis finally reaches the edge, spewing shot after shot of hot cream all over his stomach and chest. Completely spent, our scene fades to black with Maximo caressing his cum-soaked buddy.

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Bailey Stuart

18 March 2023

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