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Versatile Massage : Valentin Meunier Raphael Levy

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Raphaël Levy’s soft hands sensually roam the oiled body of handsome Valentin Meunier and as he goes down lower and lower on his back, he can’t help but linger on his partner’s plump little ass. Raphaël massages and caresses Valentin’s buttocks before giving in to temptation and licking his little hole with passion.

After this very intimate massage, Valentin is perfectly relaxed and Raphaël’s cock is hard, it seems like it’s the perfect time to get down to business. If we thought Raphaël rather a bottom, he surprises us in the role of the top one and it’s not to displease Valentin is delighted with his thrusts.

After this first hot fucking session, Valentin decides to reverse the roles and gets sucked off by Raphaël before fucking him in turn. After having pounded Raphaël’s ass well, Valentin ends up ejaculating a good dose of sperm on his still open hole.


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8 March 2023

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