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BIKES & BJS : Dominik Xoxo, Justin Host

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Ripped young twink Dominik Xoxo is impressed with Justin Host’s new bike at the start of this BoyFun play session, but it seems his visit was driven by different intentions and his lucky friend knows it.

The boys don’t spend a whole lot of time checking out Justin’s new ride before their lips are meeting and Dominik’s swelling cock is freed from his pants for his buddy to suck on and play with.

With their engined revving up the boys head inside to avoid a public display, soon shirtless on the couch and stripping down to their full briefs.

Dominik is quick to get a taste of his pal’s stiff dipstick in return for the head he’s just enjoyed but with his attention turning to Justin’s hairless pucker it’s soon clear he’s seeking a different kind of ride, and his friend is more than willing.

He slips his raw uncut cock between those damp mounds and gets to work, pumping his buddy in a spooning position before young Justin impales his pucker down on his friend for a good long ride.

A buggering from behind has Dominik pulling out to drench Justin’s ass with his spurting hot oil, a taste of his own cum the perfect finish for his efforts while Justin wanks out his own milky mess from his long and rigid dick.

The next time Justin invites him over for a ride they both know what they’re gonna get.



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7 March 2023

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