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ON THE ROCKS : Billy Garcia, Jacob Buccella

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Outdoor BoyFun is always great to see, especially when it involves gorgeous cuties like Jacob Buccella and Billy Garcia.

The two have a gorgeous view from their clifftop position, but after taking in the scene very briefly the two are soon distracted by the swollen cocks in their snug briefs.

Jacob’s big cock is the first one freed and quickly being slurped, and Billy is a very good sucker. The boy works the delicious stiff shaft between his lips and gets his friend ravenous for the same.

Billy’s boner is just as juicy and with Jacob working him over he’s ready for more. With his ass up he enjoys a good slurping from behind and Jacob takes the opportunity to ease his naked tool in deep.

A fucking from behind leads to a ride on the rocks with Billy bouncing up and down on the girthy shaft while his own desperate dong is rubbed in his fist.

It might look like an uncomfortable place to be buggering some hot little ass, but these boys are having so much fun they don’t need the softness of a mattress.

A final pump against the lichen covered rocks has Jacob ready to splash his spooge, wanking his big meat and gushing his thick load out into the wilderness before getting down to suck the delicious milk from his bottom buddy’s tip in a truly cum-tastic finish.



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