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Tony’s New Undies : Eugene Colt, Tony Keit

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We can safely assume that slim little Tony Keit has something of an underwear fetish, but we’re certainly not complaining about that, and neither is his lucky friend Eugene Colt in this BoyFun video.

Tony has a full bag of sexy little briefs to try on and show off for his friend, but if he’s looking for advice he’s seeking it in the wrong place. Young Eugene is far too interested in what’s inside his bulging undies and with his own cock swelling in his pants he’s quick to grab a feel.

Of course Tony’s plan all along was to entice the gorgeous boy into some afternoon antics, and he probably didn’t need to try so hard.

With a little tender kissing Tony has his friend on the bed and quickly naked, Eugene’s delicious uncut cock rigid and damp, eager to accept his friend’s oral attention.

The glistening tip of that tasty cock is soon wet with spit and precum while Eugene reaches over to play with Tony’s bare ass, but the boy is soon seeking his friend’s dick for some slurps in return.

Naturally he turns to Tony’s perfectly smooth pucker while he’s in the underwear region, giving his boyfriend some loving licks and preparing him for his proud rod to slide inside.

It’s welcomed with ease. Tony loves the feel of his buddy’s naked inches thrusting up inside his butt, and he loves it even more when he gets it from behind and enjoys some deep thrusting spooning.

The boy’s final treat, after wanking out his own spurting goo, is to swallow the delicious cream from his buddy’s thick and throbbing meat after the first few splashes decorate his adorable face.



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