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Angel Santana & Manuel Skye

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Angel Santana returns, immediately ready for one of his faves Manuel Skye—who just so happens wanted Angel when he saw him. As eager as they both are, Manuel applies his brand of passionate dominance to make Angel work for it. Angel worships Manuel’s muscles AND his cock, sucking him how Manuel wants. After lots of juicy sucking, Manuel then takes charge of Angel.

Manuel strips Angel, forcefully lifts him up for some air humping, then sets him down with his ass up to work his hole with his mouth and fingers. Once Angel is all spit-lubed, Manuel fucks him, starting with some acrobatic ass-drilling, then deep-pounding along with some manhandling before he makes Angel ride his cock multiple ways like Manuel’s life size sex toy.

Angel is soon rewarded with mid-air fucking from Manuel—arguably the longest you’ve seen onscreen. When Manuel fucks him on the couch there’s still an acrobatic bent to it, and he goes until he fucks a load out of Angel. Manuel then gets Angel to ride him once more to orgasm and the muscle daddy shoots a cum geyser, breeding Angel as much as he can. Angel sucks Manuel and shares a cummy kiss with him before they lie contentedly in each other’s arms.



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13 January 2023

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