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Joaquin and Col


Direct from Colombia, our two hot Latino studs featured today are Joaquin Santana and Col Raider. Joaquin comes up behind Col, who is looking out the window, and invites him back to the bed for some fun. The two kiss passionately, as they remove each other’s shirts. Joaquin then removes Col’s pants, and we get a glimpse of the huge bulge in Col’s underwear. Joaquin removes his own pants and underwear, revealing a beautiful uncut sausage that Col wastes no time going down on. Col’s expert cocksucking skills have Joaquin hard in no time. After a few minutes of this, Joaquin wants to taste some cock as well. He removes Col’s underwear, and goes down on him, bobbing up and down for a couple of minutes. But Joaquin is ready for more, and quickly maneuvers Col around to get access to his ass where he begins to rim Col’s tight, puckered hole. Col moans in pleasure, enjoying every second of this as he anticipates what’s to come next. With Col properly lubed up, Joaquin stands up behind Col and slowly inserts his hard rod into Col’s warm and tight tunnel. Joaquin picks up the pace, pounding away as Col grips the sheets and whimpers with each thrust. Joaquin leans back on the bed, as Col straddles him and mounts him from above. Col bounces up and down, really riding Joaquin’s hard pole. Joaquin then positions Col on his back with his legs pulled back against his chest, and resumes fucking. Joaquin is hitting Col’s sweet spot, and he is desperate to cum; Col starts jacking his cock hard and fast, and finally explodes as Joaquin fucks the cum right out of him. That takes Joaquin to the edge; after a few more thrusts, he pulls out and aims his spasming cock at Col’s face, spewing his hot cum all over Col’s cheek and mouth. Col sucks the remaining cream off of Joaquin’s softening rod, and our scene ends as it began with our two studs kissing passionately.



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