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Angel Santana & Noah Fox enjoy a Sizzling Flip Fuck!

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Noah Fox is back to flip-fuck with Chilean newcomer Angel Santana in his CockyBoys debut. In the intro, Noah translates Angel’s Spanish but their instant chemistry and their sexual heat that ignites when they kiss passionately and suck each other needs no translation.

Noah & Angel engage is some of the hungriest and most passionate mutual cocksucking in recent memory, especially from Angel. When he bends over Noah he slobbers over his cock and hole, slaps his ass around and then pounds his ass like he’s owned it for years. And as Angel fucks Noah on his back, he accentuates the pleasure by his licking his feet, and stroking and sucking his big dick as he fucks.

Angel’s sexual energy is just as strong when they flip and Noah eats his hole and lets Angel ride him. Just like that Angel is dominated and manhandled as he rides Noah, who then plows him on his back until he can’t hold back and shoots fantastically huge load over Angel. Noah doesn’t quit either, making sure to fuck Angel until cums too. They may seem spent at the end, but don’t count on it!



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