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Wet & Wild Threeway : Adam Keller, Angel Abell, Max Gen

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It’s a lovely day out in the garden and Max Gen, Adam Keller and Angel Abell are making the most of it with a very playful water fight. Of course, there are other ways for a trio of hot youths like them to spend their summer afternoons, and it seems they’re well aware of that when they head inside for some real BoyFun.

With their water pistols almost empty they have other pistols fully loaded, soon to be revealed from their wet shorts and slipped between slurping lips.

The three boys are clearly ravenous, making out on the couch and groping for the shape of hard young cock. Lucky Max is the first to get his steely penis wanked and sucked, with Adam and Angel taking turns to taste his delicious uncut erection.

The feast of dick pleasing progresses with Max making sure to get his fix of delicious dong before his ass is slipping down on adorable Adam’s length for a bareback ride, giving blond Angel the chance to suck some more.

Not satisfied with just being a bottom inked boy Max is soon taking the opportunity to slide his meat inside Angel’s pucker, the friends spitroasting their boy between them.

Finally it’s Angel’s turn to get some hole and Max is more than ready for another dick inside him, gobbling on Adam’s tasty meat again while his butt receives a determined banging.

The jizz splashing finale is the payoff all the boys were seeking, shooting their cream one after the other in a messy display of youthful abandon that will have you all emptying your own pistols.



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14 November 2022

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