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Pleasurable Massage : Hugo Dupres Sacha Delage

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As tradition dictates, new actors are entitled to a little massage session and it’s here the handsome Sacha Delage who slides his soft hands over the oiled body of Hugo Duprés.

Hugo appreciates this moment of relaxation and doesn’t take long to feel a certain excitement when Sacha’s hands touch his lower back or his lower abdomen. Sacha then grabs Hugo’s cock and starts jerking him off before giving him a memorable blowjob. Sacha’s expert mouth moves up and down on Hugo’s beautiful cock, which moans with pleasure.

Hugo passes a hand under Sacha’s boxers and begins to play with his little ass before getting him on all fours to lick his tight hole and gradually dilate it with tongue and fingers. Hugo will then fuck Sacha with a mixture of sensuality and power that will lead the twink to explosive pleasure. Hugo will end up in turn by squirting abundantly on Sacha’s open anus.



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Jorik Tautou

26 August 2022

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