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Kirean Benning & Serge Cavalli

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Following on from a very romantic photo shoot in issue 286, we meet Kieran Benning and Serge Cavalli in an entirely different mood. There has always been a fierce attraction between these two but their sex drive and energy during the filming of this video surprised even us. Serge is famous for his devotion to big cocks so when Kieran takes his hard manhood out of the pants, it is clear that Serge wants to take it all the way.
After some mutual sucking, including a 69, Serge sits on Kieran’s cock and starts riding it balls deep. After switching to doggy style – Serge’s favourite position – he climaxes whilst being fucked on his back and then kneels to swallow all of Kieran’s creamy cumshot.

This video could probably qualify for the Porn Oscars, Serge’s greatest ambition. What do you think?



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