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Alpan Stone and Rimi Morty

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Our two horny twinks, Alpan Stone and Rimi Morty, have been walking the beach checking out hot guys, and they are worked up and ready to fuck. They sit down on the sofa, and kiss passionately. They pause to remove each other’s shirts, then Rimi also removes Alpan’s shorts revealing a growing bulge. Rimi wastes no time as he pulls Alpan’s briefs down and starts sucking on Alpan’s cock. Rimi’s expert blow-job has Alpan hard in no time. Rimi then removes his own shorts, showing off his own huge bulge. Rimi resumes the cock-sucking as Alpan reaches over and slips his hand under Rimi’s underwear, slowly massaging Rimi’s hardening dick. Alpan sits up on the back of the sofa, spreading his legs wide; Rimi, now fully nude and hard, goes back to servicing Alpan’s tube steak. Rimi is ready for some attention; he stands up, as Alpan kneels down and sucks Rimi’s hard pole all the way in. Alpan bobs up and down on Rimi’s sausage for a couple of minutes, then both studs stand up and kiss as they rub their hard cocks against each other. Alpan is ready for more; he positions Rimi on his back, lifts both legs in the air, and starts prepping Rimi’s tight puckered hole with some rimming. Rimi moans in pleasure, anticipating the fucking he’s about to receive. Alpan stands up, and with one quick motion inserts his thick cock into Rimi’s tight, lubed hole. Rimi jerks himself while Alpan pistons in and out. Alpan than positions Rimi on his knees with his ass in the air, and resumes fucking Rimi doggie-style from behind. Rimi’s moans grow louder, as Alpan pounds him in just the right spot. Switching positions again, our studs lay down on their sides, and Alpan resumes the fucking. Both twinks are nearing the edge; Alpan pulls out, and they sit side by side as they each furiously jerk their own cocks. Rimi blows first, oozing hot cum all over his hand. That triggers Alpan, as he squirts his own load on his abs and leg. Totally satiated, our studs lean back to catch their breath as our scene fades out.



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