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Wet 2: Heatwave | Part One : Garrett Kinsley,Seth Peterson

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It’s summertime in Vegas; and, hottie housemates, Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley, and Seth Peterson’s A.C. is broken! Brady, and Kinsley attempt to come up with creative ways to cool down; however, it’s sexy- smart Seth who comes to the rescue, with an epic house sitting gig…. complete with A.C! The guys arrive at the gorgeous home, and immediately start to explore the downright divine digs. However, in this heat, it’s the pool that’s calling their names! The heated hotties shed their shirts, and jump right on in the deep end, with a splash! Swim time with these sexy, young studs gets spicy pretty quickly. Soon enough, frolicking turns to flirting, splashing turns to smootching; and, Garret sneaks Seth off to a secluded bedroom. The kisses continue; as, Peterson pantses golden boy Garrett, then quickly makes his way down to that crazy huge cock. Pretty boy, Peterson plunges the pornstar sized piece deep down his pipes like a pro, gulping, and gagging gorgeously on Garrett’s engorged groin. As much as he’s enjoying the sensational, suck job Seth is serving, Kinsley can’t control his own cock craving; and, he PLEADS for a throat fucking. Seth straddles throat G.O.A.T Garrett, and shoves his thick dick in deep! Kinsley keeps up with his hard thrusts, by pulling at the twunk’s tight torso, for a more thorough throating. Kinsley continues worshipping cock, as Seth lays back, like a boss. Then, he flips the dark haired, dirty dude onto his shredded stomach, for an absolutely incredible ass eating, complete with a few deep diving digits, and seat smacks. After the perfect pucker prepping, Kinsley orders Peterson onto his oversized piece; and, our boy gladly bounces on that big beast with glee. There’s no short of schlong stiffening dirty talk during this dick down; and, it only makes this epic moment more delicious. We also see a super sexy dom side of Kinsley here, that’s a nice new, lusty layer to the lad, that we haven’t seen before. He really takes control; and, absolutely owns Peterson’s perfect pussy, like the porn prince he is. After delivering dick in doggie, our dom top flips the script, and becomes the perfect power bottom! But, make no mistake, our boy is STILL bossy; and, he wears it VERY well! Seth’s strokes speed up, as Kinsley calls out, he’s “about to cum.” And, what a hearty load it is! He splashes his ENTIRE torso with spews of salty-good spunk! Peterson pulls out, and adds to the boy-blast bash, covering his already dick-drenched dude with raunchy, raw ropes of his white hot wrath. Coated in cum, the boys kiss. Garrett even gives the gourmet guy goo a taste! Hot, sticky, and severely satisfied, the boys head back to the pool, to cool off once more. Get ready to get wet, y’all!



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