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Making Out : Jacob Hansen,Asher Haynes

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In a beautiful, wet oasis, filled with pools of pleasure, Jacob Hansen, and Asher Haynes plunge into the deep end of pleasure. Playful, and flirty, the soaking wet superstars swim towards one another, eventually getting close enough for the perfect kiss. The red hot moment brings the boys inside, where their kisses, and dick hungry desire only get deeper. Lip locked in an erotic embrace, Asher raises his tattooed arms. Lead by lust, and instinct, Hansen hoists the young stud’s t over his head, revealing that well built, bronze body. Hansen’s hands explore Haynes’ tatted torso, as he eases the boy back on the bed. He grabs Asher’s pants, and pulls them down hard, unable to control his carnal craving any longer. The supersized slab is slung heavy to the side. Hungry boy Hansen grabs the stiffening staff. He immediately brings the beautiful beast to full attention with his talented tongue. Jacob more than delivers, putting his well perfected pole sucking skills on dazzling display. Our boy even goes the extra mile, giving full service to his stud’s heavy, spunk filled sack. Revved up, and ravenous, Asher tells his talented twink, “my turn to suck your dick.” Jacob stands, dick already on brick, and kneels next to Haynes’ thirsty throat. Asher engulfs the raging hard rod, bobbing his handsome head back and forth, before adding a hot handy to Jacob’s extra long dong. Craving the full treatment, Hansen orders up an ass eating; and, Asher couldn’t be more ready to please. He plunges that pretty boy mug of his, tongue first into Hansen’s smooth, horny hole. The perfect pucker priming has Hansen begging for a banging. Rock hard, and ready, Haynes heaves his hefty hog in, and gets right to wrecking! The naughty boy noise of big, bust filled balls smacking Jacob’s sexy seat sizzle in the room, and continue when Hansen hops on top for a ride. He hammers his hips down hard, as Haynes blasts his big behemoth up, for a hotter, harder, back door beating. The synced up sex stars swivel onto their side, where the epic fuck finds Jacob jacking his jizz heavy jock till it spits it’s creamy contents all over his tight, tan, twink torso! The prized porn prince’s spunk is thick, and slowly slides down his slender, sex-sweaty side. Asher is entranced, as he takes in the orgasmic sight. He knows it’s he who sent Hansen into this erotic orbit; and, the thought only makes him want to provide more pleasure. With his gaze glued to his perfect partner, he plunges deeper, and harder, hitting Hansen’s hot spot even more. No longer able to hold back. Haynes straddles Hanson’s well handled hole, and explodes, plastering the porn superstar with a heavy helping of hearty, young stud spew. Glistening, and gorgeous, the golden boys glow as the camera closes on one last, lusty kiss.



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