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Dane Jaxson & Kane Fox

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Dane Jaxson returns for some sweet & dirty sex with Kane Fox! Relative newcomer Dane reveals his journey to porn and his instant chemistry & compatibility with Kane—which is easy to see on screen. After they make out, Dane goes down on Kane, giving him an eye-watering, ball-sucking blowjob and he gets rewarded with deep ass-play and Kane sucking him back.

It’s not long before Dane is riding Kane’s cock, bouncing up and down on it and taking each thrust in just the right position for both guys. When Dane shifts to a reverse cowboy, there’s no holding back from him or Kane physically and verbally. They fuck every which way before Kane turns Dane on his back to pound him harder , periodically grasping him by the throat.

Kane shifts gears slightly to take Dane over the back of the sofa and eat out his ass before he resumes fucking him from behind. Kane is soon pounding and manhandling Dane and in time he takes him to the bed get on top and drill him relentlessly.

Finally , Kane shoots his load inside Dane, all over his hole and back into it. And, still hard, Kane flips Dane on his back and fucks a load out of him. Rendered breathless and wiped out, Kane & Dane kills again , enjoying their well-earned afterglow.



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