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Norse Fuckers Part 2 : Dean Young / Felix Fox

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When Norseman Sir Peter sees servant Dean Young gathering water for god Loki (Felix Fox), he sneakily follows to watch. Loki reveals a shocking secret as Dean bathes him: Dracock the Dragon is coming, and with him, destruction. Only Thor can save them, and although Dean has heard tell of where he might be found, Loki makes a bargain: he will lie with him if Dean will never tell anyone. Peter watches, stroking himself, as the blond twink sucks the god’s cock and is fucked doggystyle over the bath. The servant rides Loki’s cock, then Sir Peter spills his seed in his hand as Loki fucks Dean and cums on his face. Dean may have promised to be silent about Thor, but the Norse warrior did not…



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21 June 2022

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