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Antony Lorca & Sven Basquiat

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Life is tough when you are forced to sit in the hot tub and watch guys like Christian, Kris, and Kevin having all the fun. Sven Basquiat has proven to be a godsend during this production, not only does he cook for all and clean up after them, but he is also always around to cheer them up when they are down or keep them company when they feel left out. Of course, the way he does the latter 2 things is usually to offer up his ass for his friends’ free use and pleasure, and of course, there is always something in it for him as well. Today it is Antony Lorca who is the beneficiary of Sven’s generosity, as he promises that he is a better fuck than all the other guys combined.  When there is an offer like that on the table, Antony is never going to say no!

So, what do you think Sven enjoyed more? The ‘cheer up’ fuck that he got from Christian last month, or the ‘don’t worry fuck’ that he got from Antony today?



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16 June 2024

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