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#Helix: Asher Haynes and Sebastian Cruz

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The superstar series, “#Helix” is BACK, with a pretty boy pairing that puts you in the drivers seat; as, it’s ALL about YOUR questions, and requests! Asher Haynes, and Sebastian Cruz answer your queries from Twitter; and, as usual, y’all get down to the naughty, good, nitty-gritty! The guys interviewer about their jizz soaked, erotic occupation, discuss their first sexual experiences; and, hottie Haynes enlightens us on the meaning behind all his tattoos. This is a super special moment, as Asher’s intellectual side shines; while, he takes off his shirt, displaying all the gorgeous goods. After the questions, come your requests, which include some tantalizing, twink, feet tickling! This fun, intimate experience ignites the spark that brings these beautiful boys to the bedroom. After some incredible, shirtless kisses, Haynes hops onto his knees to deliver one hot hummer; and, sexy Sebastian salivates, when he gets the opportunity to return the favor. Top twink Asher absolutely loves ass! And, he surely shows it, by tossing Cruz’s legs in the air, and going to town with his tongue. After a more than an ample taste, Haynes’ smacks his supersized schlong on Cruz’s cock hungry hole, then crams it in. He enjoys dishing out some delicious damage to Sebastian’s insatiable seat, all over the well banged- boy filled bed, before blasting Cruz’s hot hole with a nut-busting load of boy batter. The well worked out bottom thanks his tatted top, after coating the comforter; then, with a well earned kiss.



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19 June 2022

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