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Greyson Myles uses Roman Todd as his fantasy Sex Toy!!!

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Greyson Myles is feeling kinky with fantasy man Roman Todd, but unlike his first CockyBoys scene with Austin Wolf, Greyson wants to be in control! While making out, Greyson pulls out some electric tape and asks “Wanna play?” and though Roman initially thinks Greyson wants to be bound, he’s more than happy to indulge Greyson’s fantasy and be his sex toy.

Greyson binds Roman’s wrists to the headboard then plays with his muscles and teases his cock through his briefs. Greyson pulls them down to lick and suck Roman’s cock and edge him with his mouth and then his hole, rubbing against it. Greyson drives Roman nuts sucking him again and stroking him with lube and with Roman practically begging for it, Greyson finally eases his hole on his cock and rides him.

Greyson maintains control riding Roman and his hard upward thrusts but in time he wants Roman unleashed and removes the tape so he can kiss and hold him, slap his ass and jackhammer his hole. Greyson soon gets on all to give up his ass and Roman takes control, eating his hole and pounding it from behind. Roman fucks Greyson harder, every which way, dominating him vocally and physically.

Roman relishes the power shift and flips vocal Greyson on his back to fuck and suck him. Roman drills him, finding that sweet spot Greyson loves and he doesn’t quit until he makes him shoot his load. And Roman keeps going until pulls out for his own intense orgasm, shooting a thick load on Greyson. Telling him how good he feels Roman slides back into Greyson and kisses him. Another fantasy come true …for both guys!



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