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Just Friends | Part Four : Garrett Kinsley,Kai Taylor

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After Kai Taylor & Derek Shaw hooked up in a previous episode of our delicious, dick drama “Just Friends,” things have gotten a bit weird between the two friends. So, Shaw makes up an excuse to head out, leaving his former hook-up, Kai alone with gorgeous Garrett Kinsley. Whether it’s the weird vibe between the fuck-friends, or the fact that Garrett looks realllllly good, Kai figures, if Derek’s gonna leave me hangin’, I’m gonna get some! The second Shaw hits the door, Kai immediately starts flirting with Kinsley, which leads the pretty pair on a schlong sucking, ass banging adventure, setting Kai’s mind free of Derek, at least for the moment. The beautiful boys gag on one another’s girthy gifts, with super sloppy, suck jobs; before, Taylor tosses Garrett’s gets in the air, and eats that epic, alabaster ass like dinner! Once his work space is prepared, Taylor takes aim, and shoves his big, beautiful, black bone deep in the dude’s hot, hungry hole. He gives it to Garrett good, while jacking the guy’s giant, juicy jock a bit. By now, Kinsley’s ready to do some dicking of his own; and, he tells Taylor to, “turn around.” With a horned up, anxious ass, Kai goes face down-ass up. Garret gets in that back door, and dicks the dude DOWN! THEN, in a super- pornstar move, Kinsley paints the boy’s back with an unbelievable load of boy bust! Then, he goes back in for some MORE ferocious fucking! The twink titan continues the epically erotic, ass assault with Kai on his back, where the pretty boy’s pre-cum starts to ooze out of that perfect piece. Garret goes gangbusters, pile driving Taylor’s tail, before bring it back down to the couch, and crushing that can till Kai creams gorgeous, gooey, white gold all over that beautiful, brown skin. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, Kinsley cums a SECOND time, adding to Kai’s creamy, cum pool on that tight, twink stomach. An absolute triumphant, triple twink, load lover’s sex scene! Enjoy!



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