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Just Friends | Part One : Aiden Garcia,Noah Bentley

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Aiden Garcia has had it up to here, and swears off men! However, he’s only human, AND, super horny! So, twenty seconds when hottie, Noah Bentley hits him up online, he hightails it on over to his house, making this the shortest dick drought in history! You wouldn’t know it by the way the tasty twink’s go at it though, because Aiden attacks the boy’s ass like he hasn’t had it in ages! He goes gangbusters on Bentley’s beautiful, beefy bone, and bubble butt, servicing the tight bodied, tan twink with a righteously, raw raunchiness, like he just got released! Greedy Garcia wants it ALL, including an ass banging of his own; and, Noah gives it to him good! He Annihilates Aidan’s ass, till the bronze beauty covers himself in creamy coating of fresh boy bust! Bentley pulls Hig big battering Ram out, and blows his load all over the lad’s hot hole. He rubs the gooey goods around Aiden’s ass, and teases his tail with the tip, before planting the perfect, “welcome back hoe” kiss on Garcia’s lips. That truly was the shortest sex sabbatical in history; and, we ain’t mad about it!



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10 May 2022

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