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Coffee Creamers : Daniel Star, Tom Heart

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On a rainy night in the city Daniel Star and Tom Heart stop at a lovely local cafe for a nice coffee to warm up, but there are of course other ways for two young twinks to raise their temperatures. The sweet snack they share certainly puts them in the mood for something else and soon enough they’re arriving at the couch to enjoy some BoyFun.

It’s a lovely date night for the boys and it’s going to end with a bang, with both boys stripping off to explore their smooth young bodies, their dicks throbbing in their pants and their need to fuck taking over.

Both boys are equipped with lovely stiff erections, and you can bet both are more than eager to give those boners some sucks and licks. The two explore each other’s penises with their tongues and lips, but it’s the licking of Daniel’s smooth little hole that signals they need more.

With his pucker slurped and wet with spit the boy is ready for Tom to slide his naked shaft in deep.

It’s the perfect end to a lovely evening as Daniel rides his pal with his own dick stiff and swinging, before laying back for some deeper thrusts and a climax that has him splashed with his own warm seed.

Tom can’t wait to get a taste of his pal’s dripping cream, pulling out and bending down to slurp his buddy’s boner clean. That’s enough for him to be launching his own splashes of boy juice all over wet Daniel in a final flurry of release.



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Thomas Danielli

8 May 2022

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