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Nikk Lanier & Tom Houston Part 2


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When you pair two extreme sex addicts together, you can be always sure they’ll be up for a second round of action. Nikk Lanier and Tom Houston take a shower together but Nikk’s hard dick leaves us in no doubt the „next round“ is about to get underway. Tom grabs his friend’s dick and sucks it powerfully until Nikk decides to take the lead and show Tom his amazing deepthroat skills. But Tom only needs a nice rimjob and a dick inside him to be completely satisfied. Soon Tom cannot hold on anymore and he cums unexpectedly over his stomach, a first load for Nikk to taste. Next, Tom rides Nikk’s dick and then lays down so Nikk can use his butt and cum over it. The scene ends with Nikk licking his own cum from Tom’s ass, just to compare the flavour.



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