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Introducing Jack Waters : Jacob Hansen, Jack Waters

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Jacob Hansen takes on the tasty task of interviewing newbie, Jack Waters in this edition of our series, “Introducing.” The boys already have history together; so, the interview is fun, and feisty, just like the way they first met! The pretty pair share the flirty tale of that initial meeting; and, also dive into Jack’s fantasies, and the one kink that he would have a go at. After Hansen helps us get to know Waters better, the beautiful buddies head to the bedroom, and show off that crazy hot, cock stiffening chemistry of theirs! Shirtless, and thirsty for something down his throat, Jack pantses Jacob, then jumps on that juicy jock like a hog hungry whore. Hottie Hansen returns the fire-hot favor, and makes a mouth watering feast of Jack’s johnson. Then, he tosses the well bodied boy’s legs in the air, and goes to tongue town on that tasty tail. Waters pulls on his pretty boy piece, as Jacob gets that hot hole nice, and juicy. The new dude feels right at home on camera, calling out exactly what he wants. And, what he wants, if for his fine friend to fuck him! Rock hard, and ready, Jacob orders the dirty blond dude into doggy style, and inserts himself into the sizzling situation. After some delicious, doggy dicking, the naughty newbie asks to top! Always one for the best of both worlds, Hansen lays on his back, and gets banged like a dirty drum! The two hottie’s history comes into play a lot, through their chemistry, which flows with sultry kisses between thick- dicked thrusts. Their erotic energy intertwines in absolutely, adorable ways. However, after the wailing Waters has been hammering out on him, Hansen’s huge hog is ready to blow! Jacob absolutely explodes, blasting boy bust all the way up to his sexy armpit! Then, he tells Jack, “cum for me.” In perfect time, Waters’ wad shoots from his shaft wildly, nailing Hansen with heaping helpings of hot seed. Both boys are completely covered in cum; but, they manage one gorgeous, gooey-good kiss, to put the cherry on top of Waters’ first on camera fuck fest! Welcome to Helix, Jack!



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Lucas Drake

27 April 2022

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