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Frederick Perin & Christian Lundgren


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In today’s video we take a peek into the sex life of Frederick Perin. Luke Hamill believes he has the privilege of shooting Frederick’s first porn video but this is actually not the case. Frederick joined our company when he was still a virgin and had zero sexual experience. Before we could consider him for a shoot, we presented him to Rhys Jagger. Rhys seduced Frederick and stole his virginity the very first night they met. After that, Frederick took part in some film training where he met Kevin Warhol and Phillipe Gaudin. You can see one of these sessions in issue 285 with Yannis Paluan by his side. After the training, we handed Frederick to Luke who took charge of his first official video. This is just a little story to explain Luke’s confusion. Now, you can sit back and enjoy Frederick Perin getting fucked by the stunning Christian Lundgren. Their beautiful lovemaking climaxes with Frederick’s endless cumshot straight into Christian’s mouth. Enjoy!


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23 April 2022

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