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CockyBoys Jordan Starr Welcomes Power Bottom ,Dane Jaxson, to the Family

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The thrill of an instant hook-up plays out as Dane Jaxson makes his CockyBoys debut bottoming for recent arrival Jordan Starr! When Dane texts horny Jordan, he easily tempts him with an unlocked door and a surprise which Jordan discovers as soon as he opens the door: Dane is in his bedroom naked with his ass offered up to him.

Jordan wastes no time descending on the bed to lick and eat out Dane’s hole and make him moan and Dane soon returns the favor worshiping Jordan’s ripped bod and sucking his huge cock. Jordan loves Dane’s devotion and responds by kissing him, flipping him on his back, and sucking him. Dane again luxuriates in the pleasure of the blowjob and Jordan turning him on his side to make out with him.

When Jordan cock teases Dane’s hole and asks him if he wants it, Dane’s daddy fantasy comes true and he gives his hole to Jordan. Dane is in ecstasy with the big dick fucking and Jordan relishes his control, empowered even more by the pleasure he gives Dane drilling from the side and from on top.

Soon, Jordan cuts loose, pounding Dane every which way only, stopping to flip him on his back. Dane watches Dane intently as he fucks him harder & rougher until he goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot and finish inside Dane. And, he keeps pumping until he makes Dane cum too. Dane is still on a cloud as Jordan kisses him, equally content with how their hook-up turned out.



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Bruce Harrelson

21 April 2022

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