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Sam Ledger Photoshoot

With the dichotomy of being born in the snowy state of Alaska, but raised in tropical Hawaii, It’s no surprise that new comer, Sam Ledger is a bit of a nomad, who likes to experience life on his own terms. The tranquil isolation of both places made him the independent individual he is today. Sam has a delicious desire to live life to the fullest, and experience everything he can; so, he lives in his van, and explores with childlike wonder, swinging on swing sets still being one of his favorite activities. Ledger loves masculine twunks, with a musky smell. He also loves being submissive, but WILL take control as a bottom at times. Sam connects with sweet, kind, kindred spirits; and, is very happy to be a new member of the Helix family.




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20 April 2022

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