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The Neighbor’s Package: Derek Shaw,Sebastian Cruz

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Delicious Derek Shaw’s package accidentally gets delivered to his neighbors. Lucky for Shaw,sexy Sebastian Cruz is his neighbor. After realizing it’s the butch boy’s parcel, Cruz’s curiosity gets the best of him; and, he opens it, to find a flesh jack! Just then, Dereck knocks on Sebastian’s door. Sebastian tells the super stud, he could definitely find someone to help him out, instead of using the toy. That’s all Shaw needed to hear! He grabs Cruz, kisses him hard, and starts stripping them both down! The dominant, dick heavy dude pushes Sebastian down, and flops his fat phallus out, then adds some dirty talk for good measure. Cruz is on that thick Dick in a New York minute, basting the beefy bone to the base with his tongue. Derek grabs the twink’s face, and kisses him for a job well done; then, he gets down, and goes to town on Cruz’s cock. Sebastian requests an ass eating, and Shaw is more than happy to plant his perfectly handsome mug in the boy’s extra smooth seat. He dips a finger in, then pulls the pretty boy deeper into his tongue by the hips, before standing up, and plunging his piece deep inside. After doing the smooth dude in doggie,Shaw smashes Sebastian out on his back, knees by his ears, while shoving a few fingers in the him mouth. Derek then lays back like a boss, holds his huge hammer up, and Cruz climbs on for a rip roaring, raw ride. Shaw’s super sized shaft shoves the nut right out of Cruz’s colossal cock, and he blasts all over the hunk’s hot body. Derek looks down at the delicious mess, and busts all over the boy’s beautifully, spread open butt.




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