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Tech Support | Part Two : Aiden Garcia, Seth Peterson, Silas Brooks

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There’s just one thing left to do on Aiden Garcia, and Seth Peterson scavenger hunt list, have a threesome with a random dude! They’ve heard about the hottie who works at tech support. So, they hatch a plan to get sexy Silas Brooks over, and fix their “slow computer.” When Brooks arrives, there’s a plethora of porn on the screen; and, our boy simply gives a sultry smirk. Once he’s finished with the computer, the cock hungry couple come clean; and, Brooks is all about it! They push Silas onto the bed, and descend, ravishing the him with wet kisses, and a sexy strip down. The guys give us every combination of carnal cock sucking at it’s finest. There’s even a double dicker that goes down with pretty boy Peterson putting his throat to the test. In the middle of the magnificent meat munching, we’re treated to some epic ass eating, before Brooks gets both boys to bend over. He cocks the hot couple good, before Aiden takes over, and the guys spit roast their tight bodied tech support. Then, Seth dips his delicious dick into his dude’s back seat, before climbing on top of both boy’s beefy bones for some righteous riding. The cock cramming climax of this master class is when Peterson gets double stuffed, and takes it like the porn superstar he is! The giant jocks jammed in his tight tush work Seth’s seed to the forefront; and, he busts a massive load, all over Aiden. Then, Garcia’s groin erupts like a geyser, coating Peterson’s perfect posterior with fresh cream. Silas takes in the salacious sight, and jacks his jock till it spits it’s juice right onto Peterson’s pretty pink pucker. Absolute porn perfection!



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7 March 2022

Kevin & Marcel

8 March 2022

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