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Rick Gets Rimmed : Evan Novak, Rick Vilela

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Gorgeous Evan Novak and his hot twinky pal Rick Vilela make a great team in this BoyFun encounter, but then again we would expect nothing less from two horny young things.

Rick is recently back from a hiking trip and Evan is eager to see some photos he took. I was expecting the boy to accidentally reveal a dick pick while scrolling but it seems Evan doesn’t even need that before he making a hot move and groping his blond friend.

Of course his interest is very much reciprocated and with some smooches Evan has his friend naked, his long and tanned uncut cock between his lips for some tasty sucking.

Rick has an impressive cock, a long and slender penis to match his slim form. Evan makes the most of it, sucking on the head and wanking his friend before his own turgid dick is revealed for young Rick to worship.

No doubt the two boys could encourage each other to some big and creamy climaxes with nothing but their skilled mouths, but with a little licking of Rick’s smooth hole Evan is easing his raw inches into the snug pucker and fucking his buddy from behind.

With a ride on his fit friend’s dick and a pumping on his back it’s no wonder young Rick needs to splash his seed out over his stomach, a sight that soon has Evan desperate to join in with his own milky mess.



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