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Red Hot : Josh Brady, Noah Bentley

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Romance, passion and LEGS are in the air with this perfect porn Valentine! Josh Brady, and new boy on the block, Noah Bentley get back to Josh’s place after a night out. Brady is adorably lovable as he fumbles for the right words to ask Bentley to be his boyfriend. Noah says yes, which ignites a naughty night of unbridled porn star passion. The new couple kiss, and caress, tasting each other’s sweet, salty flesh on their lusty lips. Wanting to show Josh how excited he is to be Brady’s new bf, Noah falls to his knees, and gets good and nasty with an epic knob job. Josh then orders his boy onto the bed, so he can return the favor. After, he ups the ante with an erotic ass eating, which has Bentley moaning for more. Juicy Josh comes up for air, and asks his new beau if he’d like a fucking. Naturally, Noah says yes; and, our top dawg dives in that perfectly bronze back door like a beast! Once he’s dicked the twink down in doggie, Brady gets the boy on his back, and bangs the breaks off the lil’ dude! Keeping control, the hot hunk tells the twink to get on top. Noah climbs aboard the superhero hog, and rides the righteous rig for all he’s worth! This brings the twink to the brink, and he busts all over Brady’s beefy body! The warm nut on his flesh ignites Josh’s juice; and, he eases Noah forward onto his chest, then explodes all over the boy’s gapping booty! The thick dicked top shoves his seed coated shaft back inside, where it belongs, sealing their first bang as official boyfriends.




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27 February 2022

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27 February 2022

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