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Crush EP3 Discord : Axel Ford Sacha Delage Enzo Lemercier Sam Bayard

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After Sam nearly catches his boyfriend Sacha in an awkward position with his lover Axel, he goes out for a drink with Enzo. Sacha has promised to join them but he’s late and doesn’t respond to messages off Sam, who’s beginning to worry. Sam then decides to go back to the garage to look for Sacha.

When Sam opens the garage door, he comes face to face with Sacha and Axel hugging. Sam is flabbergasted by what he discovers and wants nothing to do with Sacha’s explanations, who tries to justify his infidelity. Sam leaves, devastated, shocked and very angry.

Sacha is already beginning to regret having cheated and he worries because Sam is unreachable and untraceable. It’s while looking for Sam at the “Happy Twinks” Café that Sacha meets Valentin who offers him a drink to calm down.

Sam seeks comfort from Enzo, when he suddenly has the idea of ??using his charm to manipulate his friend and take revenge on Sacha.

The next day, Bastien reveals to Sacha that a sex tape of which he’s the protagonist is circulating on the web and at university. Enzo makes fun about the situation but Sacha is really desperate and ashamed that his anatomy and his intimate life are thus revealed. Sacha has no doubt it was Sam who released the video for revenge.



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30 January 2022

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