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Deep Inside Dolce : Finn Harper, Jacob Dolce

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With that hot little booty crammed into snug cotton it’s no wonder handsome boy Finn Harper can’t help but jump on and help himself. It’s not like little Jacob Dolce is complaining, he’s always down for some BoyFun, especially with Finn.

A little making out is all it takes and Jacob is hard and damp in his underwear, soon hard and leaking precum inside Finn’s sucking mouth. The handsome lad knows how to really appreciate a stiff penis, working his friend’s tasty cock between his lips.

It goes without saying hat Jacob is just as eager to return the favor. When Finn strips down to display his swelling length he lets his pal get another taste of his own before gobbling on the gorgeous piece of manhood his fit friend has for him.

With all that oral shared between them it’s perhaps inevitable that Finn would be seeking that plump little booty for his bare boner to slide inside, but once again little Jacob isn’t complaining. The spooning is intense, with Finn’s super swollen shaft thrusting up into his snug little pucker before the boy takes his friend from behind.

Finn enjoys putting in the work, but he’s more than happy to give a little control to little Jacob, leaning back and presenting his penis for the boy to slide down on.

That’s ultimately what does the trick for Jacob. With his friend’s raw shaft easing in and out with every bounce and his own hard cock in his fist he spills his fresh seed, his cum pouring out of his urgent dick.

All that’s left to do is enjoy Finn’s juicy splashes, which Jacob is soon taking all over his cute face.



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