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Boys Like Balls : Antony Carter, Marcel Boyle Rating

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Marcel Boyle has no idea how to play billiards, but then again hardly anyone does. Handsome lad Antony Carter claims to when he arrives to help the young man out, but it’s soon apparent that his intentions are more related to BoyFun than teaching the twink this game.

Needless to say, the two are soon swapping the wooden cues in their hands for the meaty ones in their pants.

No one really needs to learn to play billiards when boys naturally know how to play much better games, and with Antony’s big rigid cock in his mouth young Marcel is soon having fun learning the rules of a new sport.

With a move to the couch and their clothes entirely abandoned young Marcel gets his own gorgeous erection licked and sucked, but it’s when his friend moved to the back pocket and gives him a licking that things really move along.

With his pucker lapped and wet he slides down on the gorgeous length his friend is offering, taking a hot ride on Antony’s bareback before bending over the end of the couch for a thorough poking in the rear.

Antony looks so good pumping his hot little butt with every thrust of his dripping dong inside the boy, but he looks even hotter taking control and pinning young Marcel down on the cushions to bugger him deeper.

With his juicy cream leaping up his tight and smooth body Marcel is almost satisfied, all he needs is his new pal’s fresh cream wanked out into his waiting mouth.

We might not know how to win at billiards, but we can tell this was a draw.



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