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Ari Avanti gets Face Fucked by Roman Todd

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In the new year Ari Avanti striving to be more spontaneous, changing things up sexually and offering himself up ready to be fucked and controlled. So, when Roman Todd enters, he finds a hot surprise waiting for him: limber Ari with his legs up in the air, his wrists & ankles bound and his hole exposed. Just as Ari wants, Roman consumes his hole and finger fucks him deep.

Soon Ari wants a taste of Roman’s cock and gets it all. Roman feeds and face fucks Ari while continuing to finger and spit lube his hole. That makes Ari want Roman’s cock inside him even more and as soon as he says it, Roman gives it to him and plows him deep. Tough-talking Roman relishes his dominance and takes Ari out of bondage and to the bed so he can suck Roman with unfettered service.

As Ari deep sucks Roman, he plays with his own hole, and Roman joins in. The intensity grows as they make out and Ari’s mouth roams over Roman’s hard body. Soon, Roman works Ari’s hole more and cock-teasing it, Roman finally gives in to Ari’s pleas and fucks him hard. As his body glistens with sweat, Roman is turned on, even more, when Ari fucks himself on his cock, so when he takes charge again Roman jackhammers him.

Roman takes Ari back to bed and lies him on his side for one more round of deep drilling. This time Roman doesn’t stop, building to another level of sweat-soaked intensity until he pulls out to shoot a thick load over Ari’s hole and into him. Roman then helps Ari cum by massaging his prostate as the bottom jacks his big dick to orgasm. As they kiss Ari & Roman, both are totally happy with their new year surprise.



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